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Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7

Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7

    • Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7
    • Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7
    • Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7
  • Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7

    পণ্যের বিবরণ:

    Place of Origin: shanghai
    পরিচিতিমুলক নাম: LiangJiang brand
    সাক্ষ্যদান: ISO/REACH/SGS/ROSH
    Model Number: powder coatings grade


    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
    মূল্য: negotiation
    Packaging Details: 25kg per plastic & paper compound bag;Pallet:40 bags per pallet (PE filmed);1x20' FCL:20 mt with pallets; 22 mt without pallets Marks:Customization available.
    Delivery Time: Within 10 workdays after payment
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 4000Ton/Tons per Month
    বিস্তারিত পণ্যের বর্ণনা
    MF: BaSo4 ElNECS No.: 231-784-4
    CAS No.: 7727-43-7 Appearance: White powder
    Classification: Barium sulfate HS: 28332700
    Grade Standard: Industrial Grade production process: Sulphuric Acid process
    Supply Ability: 4000Ton/Tons per Month True specific gravity: 4.0-4.4g/cm3
    Name: Good physical properties precipitated barium sulphate white powder widely used
    লক্ষণীয় করা:

    barium sulfate coating


    barium sulfate powder


    Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7


    Precipitated barium sulfate(special for powder coatings)


    1. Specifications:


    Liangjiang brand- barium sulphate precipitated(special for powder coatings), adopts the advanced chemical precipitation process domestically, physical performance is superior, high content, low oil absorption, high gloss, hiding power, good weatherability, and small particle size, narrow distribution, make the film thinner, good flowing for the coatings, strong refraction and so on. Not affected by system acid and alkaline. Mainly used in powder coatings , paints, inks, coatings and other industries.


    Main features:

    narrow distribution, make the film thinner, good flowing for the coatings, strong refraction and so on.



    Powder coatings, paintings, inks,coatings and so on.


    2. Basic data:

    Chemical Name Barium sulfate precipated(Special for powder coatings)
    CAS No. 7727-43-7
    EINECS NO. 231-784-4
    HS Code 28332700
    Appearance white powder
    True specific gravity 4.0-4.4g/cm3
    Surface treatment -
    Factory Shanghai liangjiang titanium white product co.,ltd

    Typical technical index( Standard: GB/T 2899-2008)

    Index Unit First Qualified
    Cotent of BaSo4 %≥ 98 97
    105°C volatile % 0.1 0.3
    Water solubles % 0.2 0.3
    Fe %≤ 0.002 0.004
    Whiteness %≥ 98 96
    Oil absorption g/100g 10-20 10-30
    PH (100 g/L suspension)   5.5-7.5 5.5-8.5
    Fineness (45μmtest sieve sieve residue) % 0.2 0.2
    size distribution 10μm≥less 98 95
    5μm≥less 96 90
    2μm≥less 90 80

    Package: plastic woven bag inner plastic bag with net weight 25KG.500kg or 1000kg plastic bag or as customer’s request.


    Transportation and Storage Safety:

    This product, non-toxic harmless, white powder, prevent moisture in the process of transportation, storage should be placed in a cool, ventilated, dry place. Avoid breathing dust when processing, if contamination, can be cleaned with soap and water , concrete technology may refer to the corresponding material safety data.


    3. Description:


    Powder coatings , difference forms with general coatings, as the micron powders existence. Because not use solvent, to be called powder coatings. The main features: Harmless, high efficiency, saving resources and environmental protection characteristics

    Two categories: Thermoplastic Powder Coatings and thermosetting powder coatings.

    Thermoplastic powder coatings is made up of thermoplastic resin, pigments, fillers, plasticizer and stabilizer and so on.

    Thermoplastic powder coatings: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyether, polyamide, cellulose, polyester.

    Thermosetting powder coating is made of thermosetting resin, curing agent, pigments, fillers and additives, etc.Thermosetting powder coatings: epoxy, polyester, acrylic resin.


    Shanghai liang jiang titanium white products co., LTD. , precipitated barium sulfate (special for powder coatings) as a new filler product,The particle size and size distribution is better than conventional precipitated barium and ultrafine barium."Liangjiang" brand - precipitated barium sulfate (special for powder coatings) ,the special surface modification treatment, significantly lower oil absorption, and obviously improve the compatibility of resin, The test for the Coating of boiled and solvent resistance shows that the "liangjiang" brand - precipitated barium sulfate (special for powder coatings ) has the chemical adsorption between polyester resin and epoxy resin, to make the coupling reagent effects, the lower extrusion of the melt temperature, "liangjiang" brand - precipitated barium sulfate (special for powder coatings) significantly improve the processing fluidity, improve productivity and not adhesion between the grains, no reunion phenomenon.

    "liangjiang" brand - precipitated barium sulfate (special for powder coatings ) narrow particle size distribution, precision control for the coarse particles (large particles), low oil absorption, surface modification makes some organic, better using in thin coating powders, so that makes a better flow leveling and plumpness.


    4. Applications:


    1.Liangjiang brand- Barium sulfate precipated, using in coatings:

    high solid coatings


    Excellent size distribution (0.7μm), can improve the gloss and reduce VOC and the cost of production.
    Powder coatings

    The crystal structure makes it a good smoothing agent, and can enhance the flat in the coating.With a small oil absorption, high gloss, good covering power, good weather resistance, and low particle size, etc.


    water based coatings

    Due to the chemical inertness and solubility, it also use in water-based coating, especially in the electrophoresis paint.


    conductive coatings

    Special inorganic processes, and other useful properties remain the same, and through the inorganic semiconductor, given the conductive properties via the coating.


    automobile coatings Barium sulfate can make the pigment steady, prevent flocculation, wear, and has excellent weather resistance and transparency. Used to increase the solids metallic paint, and won't cause color changes;Can also influence or control the flow leveling of sheet metal.

    The main purpose of Barium sulfate precipitated is used in paints and coatings, the domestic paint industry has gained rapid development, the global paint coating increased by 3.9% in 2014, sales reached 43.38 million tons, the sales of architectural coatings is 21.69 million tons, 50% of the total industry sales, industrial paint sales of 12.5802 million tons, 29% of the total industry sales, Barium sulfate is one of the essential raw materials in coatings, used as filling material which can reduce the cost of coating production, and filled with precipitated barium sulfate, production performance is stable, can increase the hardness, wear resistance, sunlight resistance, can replace some parts of titanium dioxide.


    5. Liangjiang brand-barium sulfate precipated used in art paint areas

    Barium sulfate precipitated as the white filler used in great quantities for art paints, addition amount of 30% in the total solids, in yellow, white, dosage of 80% ~ 90%, water 15%, require barium sulfate whiteness stability, pH value is less than 8, no mechanical impurities, no sense of particles. As a filling material, also cover and lighten the effect, can significantly reduce the production cost of art paint.


    6. Liangjiang brand-precipitated production process


    Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7 0


    There are two types of barium sulfate, precipitation and washing.The natural output is barite, The final products are barite powders crushed by barite and barite sulfate precipitated made by the raw materials of barite through chemical reaction.

    Liangjiang brand - barium sulfate precipitated take BaCo3 as raw material, The process is different with the production of precipitated barium sulfate at current market, better whiteness, higher content, more strong dispersibility, we can produce according to customer’s requirements, deeply trust by domestic and foreign enterprises.

    Precipitated white barium sulphate powder widely used CAS No 7727-43-7 1

    we aspires to be the supplier of the world's leading chemical raw materials, show our value of the products made in China!

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